OUIGO Let’s Play Pinball – Browser Game

OUIGO Pinball Game

OUIGO Let’s Play Pinball is a very impressive browser based pinball game, complete with realistic ball physics, a wide array of bonuses, secret areas and online scoreboards.

OUIGO Let’s Play Pinball is a promotional game for the French train company ‘OUIGO’. It’s a surprisingly good pinball game though, with a fun theme and authentic feeling pinball gameplay. Anyone who’s ever played a pinball game before will easily be able to pick up and play it, but there’s a surprising amount of detail in the table and there’s a vast array of different bumpers, tunnels, loops, multipliers, missions and hidden areas to discover that can help you rack up those points!

Controls: A/P – Flippers, Spacebar – Launch Ball

Available In: All Browsers

Play OUIGO Let’s Play Pinball Here

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