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Out of Ammo delivers a very addictive blend of Breakout-style block breaking and retro shoot-em up arcade gameplay as you bounce your engine’s fuel cores at alien ships after running out of ammo for your guns.

Drawing inspiration from Judgement Silversword, breakout, The Lost Shield and ZeroRanger, is a retro styled arcade shoot ‘em up where you’ve run out of bullets to shoot with. Instead of using bullets then you have to jettison your engine’s fuel cores and bounce them around the screen to cause damage to enemies and structures as in Breakout.

On your quest to save humanity from the alien menace you will face enemies and powerful bosses. There is the occasional power-up that can aid you a little and you can also fire your afterburners to “hit” your core before it reaches your ship, bouncing it back into the fray.

It’s a very addictive game that makes for a great bit of retro arcade action that delivers a fun twist on the classic Breakout gameplay. The pixel art is superb throughout and the different levels and bosses offer a satisfying amount of challenge. Well worth blasting off for.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Eject Core/Fire Afterburners

Available On: Windows

Download Out of Ammo Here

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  1. This is a fantastic mashup of two different game types. Think of a mix between Break Out and Galaga with a ton of style. The music and sound effects are so on point that you can’t help but head bob while going through the levels. The only complaint I have with the game is that there isn’t more of it.

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