Out of Eyes – Downloadable Game

Out of Eyes is a narrative-driven psychological horror game where you attempt to guide a team of divers from the confines of an underwater comms room.

In Out of Eyes you are a diver whose job is to mine valuable minerals from the ocean floor. However, you wake up in the underwater base to find that there’s been an incident and the rest of your team are out on the ocean floor. You need to use the various instruments in the comms room to make contact with them and guide them to safety. However, whatever caused the incident is still out there…

It’s very text heavy, but it’s a great story with realistic characters and a clever premise. It’s a very tense experience as you find yourself all on your own at the bottom of the sea, trying to guide your crew to safety. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Out of Eyes Here

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