Over My Dead Body – Downloadable Game

Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body is essentially Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but with a bit less brotherly camaraderie of a and a LOT more blood and gore.

Best played with a control pad (but also playable on keyboard), each analogue stick controls a separate part of yourself at once – your shuffling zombified body and your ghostly soul.  Your body and soul were separated from each other when the company that you work for used the weapon you were developing on you.  You must now storm their headquarters, get your revenge, murder many guards, and find a way for you to cure yourself.

Being separated from your body comes in handy when attempting to bring down an evil megacorporation.  For starters, your spirit can float through walls, activate doors and even paralyse guards – your shuffling zombie body can then smash the guards into a bloody pulp.  It’s a fun game, full of inventive puzzles, gore and engaging gameplay.  Much like Brothers, a lot of the fun comes from the innovative control scheme, but the sentiment of the two games is very different!

Controls:  WASD/Left Analogue Stick – Control Ghost,  Arrow Keys/Right Analogue Stick – Control Body

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Check Out The Rather Creepy Trailer Here

Download Over My Dead Body Here

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