Overflow – Browser Game

Overflow is a fun little puzzle game where you attempt to water all the plants in each level without getting trapped by the red weeds that grow where you spill water.

Created for the Blackthornprod game jam, Overflow is a puzzle game where your aim is to water all of the plants in each level. Your little character carries a bucket on top of their head which they can fill up at a well then transport to each plant. However, you spill water from your bucket which causes red weeds to grow in your wake which you cannot pass. You also need to get back to the well in time before it overflows or it too will become surrounded by red weeds.

The pixel art Baba Is You-esque visuals are delightful, the core concept is fun and the levels are well designed. A wonderful little gardening game that will grow on you.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Browser

Play Overflow Here

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