Overwatch Beta: The RPG – Browser Game

Overwatch the beta the RPG game

Overwatch Beta: The RPG is a fun fan made browser-based RPG in which go play as a typical Blizzard fan, sending tweets, collecting loot, checking your in-box and going on quests, with an aim of increasing your chances enough to get into the Overwatch Beta (or you can just be a streamer and get in straight away!)

Created by a long-time Blizzard fan after being continually disappointed at not getting into the Overwatch Beta, Overwatch Beta: The RPG is a fun game that makes fun of Blizzard’s rather scattershot Beta invitation procedure. Tellingly, you have a choice of three character classes at the start – “The Twitch Streamer”, “Your Idiot Friend Who Just Signed Up For The Beta Yesterday” and “A Typical Blizzard Fan” – no prizes for guessing which one finds it hardest to get into the Beta!

To play the game properly, you’ll have to play as the Typical Blizzard Fan, sending tweets, checking your email, working to earn cash, purchasing items, going on quests and collecting loot – all in order to increase your chances of getting into the Beta. You’ll need a little luck and perseverance though, as there are many funny ways to fail, such as letting your saltyness levels raise too high, or get shot by a guy duel wielding shotguns.

It’s a great little game that really impresses with it’s fun premise and wicked sense of humor. Sure, you may never get into the Beta, but you’ll certainly have fun trying!

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Overwatch Beta: The RPG Here


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