Overwhelmed – Browser Game

Overwhelmed is a poignant little puzzle game that explores the struggles of the national health service in Spain as you attempt to designate patients to doctors.

Created for the Game Jam Madrid Crea, in Overwhelmed your task is to divide up grids of people so that each doctor is enclosed with the right amount of patients. In the game the standard number of patients a doctor can see is two, but this can be stretched to three if necessary. This will however make them more tired for their next shift when they’ll only be able to see one.

It’s a cleverly crafted little puzzler with levels that look quite simple, but require real thought to solve as you manage your overwhelmed workforce. It also has a great narrative about the struggles the overworked health service in Spain is dealing with. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Interact, R – Replay

Available On: Browser

Play Overwhelmed Here

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