OVIVO – Browser Game

OVIVO game

OVIVO is a beautiful minimalistic platformer with innovative gravity-flipping gameplay and a relaxed Zen-like atmosphere.

You control a small spherical character, able to flip between planes of gravity in an instant and flip through the floor you are standing on at the same time.  This allows for some wonderfully inventive level design, with gravity and momentum having a large impact on your movement – the higher you drop towards the ‘ground’, the higher you can leap out the other side.

As well as the engaging gravity flipping gameplay, OVIVO also impresses with it’s striking visual style and audio design.  Throughout each of the differently themed levels, the stylish monochromatic visuals and beautiful ambient soundtrack create a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere, making for a relaxing, uplifting and unique platforming experience.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Flip Gravity

Available On:  Unity Supported Browsers

Find Out More About OVIVO Here

Play Ovivo In Your Unity Supported Browser Here

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