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Oya is a stylish third person puzzle platforming adventure in which you have the ability to reprogram the physical properties and move mysterious floating blocks with the wind to aid your progress through it’s beautiful decaying game world.

In Oya you play a character who doesn’t have the ability to jump – but you do have the ability to manipulate the blocks that are scattered around the game world in various ways. You start with the simple ability to shift the blocks in one of eight different directions by simply right clicking and choosing a direction you want the wind to blow them in them. The blocks can’t move more the than one space from their starting position and they all move in unison unless you left click on them and alter their properties (once the ability is unlocked).

Things are fairly simple when you just have to move the blocks, but once you start to reprogram them things get a lot more interesting. When you reprogram blocks you have the choice of freezing them in their original position, making them move in the opposite direction as the other blocks or making them move twice the amount of distance as normal. This allows for some intricate puzzle design that can require a lot of forward planning as you program and shift the blocks whilst also controlling your character.

It takes a few minutes to get your head around the block shifting/programming mechanics in Oya, but once you get to grips with it you’ll find a cleverly crafted puzzle platforming adventure filled with beautiful artwork and challenging puzzles. A beautiful box-filled puzzler well worth opening.

Controls: WASD – Movement, LMB – Select/Alter Block Properties, RMB – Control Block Movement

Available On: Windows

Important Note: The default control scheme for Oya is for an AZERTY, to play with traditional QWERTY controls make sure to reconfigure the controls in the Unity launcher upon start up.

Download Oya Here

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