Pablo: A Goopy Goopers Journey – Browser Game

Pablo: A Goopy Goopers Journey is a fun little platforming metroidvania where you control a large white blob that can spray goo and climb up walls.

In Pablo: A Goopy Goopers Journey you control the titular Pablo – a lage gelatinous blob who has awoken in a mysterious open place with angry creatures that stare at him. You now need to collect 10 golden coins to escape, but it won’t be easy as they’re scattered around the level and you only have a few minutes to collect them.

Being a blob means you’re not particularly agile but you can spray your goop on walls to allow you to climb them. You only have a limited amount of goo but you can refill it at special temples. You can also unlock new abilities that allow you to reach new areas.

It’s a surprisingly tricky little game with lots to discover in its labyrinthine world and some very entertaining blob physics. A wonderful goopy platforming adventure.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Browser

Play Pablo: A Goopy Goopers Journey Here

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