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In PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ you boot up a creepy, cursed and glitchy old Pac-Man ROM where the ghosts behave very differently and are nowhere near as cute!

The PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ ROM is said to have been taken from a damaged game board, found locked in a safe in an old abandoned arcade. It’s been linked to several tragic incidents and completing the game is said to cause psychological and physiological trauma. The effects of the ROM are said to be less dangerous than the original game board though, so you’ll probably be okay…probably…

There are some significant differences between PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ and the original game – most notably that Pac-Man now has a field of view, with you only seeing the full level when you collect Power-Pills. The ghosts are also much creepier and behave very differently, with each one having unique abilities that can make them much harder to avoid. There are also some other significant differences that happen in the later levels, but you can find them out for yourself, if you survive that long!

PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ’s glitchy, cursed take on the classic pill-popping arcade game is a whole lot of fun and manages to inject a real sense of horror into the proceedings. Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde have never been more terrifying and the glitchy audio design is fantastic. A fantastic slice of retro arcade horror gaming. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Start

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Or Play PacM̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ Here

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