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Pacific is a short, creepy and atmospheric low rez exploration game in which the level structure changes when you turn your back and the narrative explores the threat of atomic war and the nuclear weapon tests carried out by the UK in the 1950’s.

It’s hard to trust anything you see in Pacific as walls shift, objects appear and the structure of the bunker you’re exploring changes when you have your back turned. As you progress, you’ll learn snippets of narrative through tape cassettes that you pick up, featuring news recordings of a time when Atomic war was a new threat and the United Kingdom were carrying out tests in the Pacific Ocean. Nothing is spelled out, but as well as the audio cassettes, there are some very telling little visual clues that you discover while exploring the bunker, with scores of bodies in the hospital, a poster detailing the threat of atomic war and a missing body bag in the morgue…

Pacific isn’t an all out horror horror game, but there are horror elements, with it’s unnerving audio design, claustrophobic visuals and disorientating level design helping to create a chilling atmosphere and a tension you could cut with a knife. A unique and very unsettling experience that’ll really get under your skin.

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Interact, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Pacific Here

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