Paddle Force – Browser Game

Paddle Force is a fast and frantic twist on the classic game of Pong, with you able to use power-ups, move horizontally and rotate your paddle as you attempt to capture territory on the board.

The core gameplay of Paddle Force is similar to Pong – you attempt to score by knocking the ball past your opponent. However, you can move horizontally and you can spin your paddle to pull off power shots. It’s chaotic, but thankfully you can’t score own goals as it’s only the last person who touched the ball that can score. Scoring past your opponent doesn’t give you points, instead the you capture more area of the board, allowing you more freedom of movement and winning the match when you capture all of the area on the board.

Paddle Force is playable in single player or local multiplayer, but you’ll need some serious skill to beat the computer. It’s a fun game that makes makes for a wonderfully kinetic and chaotic take on the classic arcade gameplay of Pong.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, CV/<> – Rotate

Available On – All Browsers

Play Paddle Force Here

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