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PAGAN: Emporium is a surreal little first person RPG adventure where you complete rituals in a cursed desert wasteland.

It’s hard to make out much of a narrative in PAGAN: Emporium, but it’s a strange little game where you explore a bizarre retro styled wasteland, collecting objects and upgrading your abilities as you complete rituals. It it a semi-sequel to PAGAN: Technopolis, but it’s not necessary to have played Technopolis as Emporium as it’s a standalone experience and there’s not a whole lot of narrative anyway.

As you explore the wasteland you find various objects, such as scrolls and cards, which can help raise your stats and can be used to perform rituals. The skills that you level up aren’t like those in a traditional RPG, including “Murder”, “Modern Tarot” and “Dead Letters”, rather then “Strength”, “Agility” or “Charisma”.

The fetch-quest gameplay is fairly simple and you’ll really have to work to find any narrative, but PAGAN: Emporium is a fascinating experience nonetheless. The retro PS1 era visuals look great and the game has a very tense and foreboding atmosphere. You don’t feel like a hero who is here to save the world, instead you feel like a miscreant, keen to do anything it takes to escape it.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse- Look, E – Interact, K – Skills, I – inventory

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download PAGAN: Emporium Here

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