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The Uber Game – Browser Game

The Uber Game

The Uber Game is an insightful little business management game that sees you living out a week in the life of an Uber driver, chasing fares, ratings and bonuses to make enough cash to pay your mortgage.

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Trauma – Download Game

trauma game download

Trauma is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer in which you kill yourself and use your dead bodies as tools as you delve deep into your subconscious to uncover your suppressed memories of a traumatic event.

In Trauma you play a … Read More

Super Mario Typing Bros – Browser Game

Super MArio Typing Bros Game

Super Mario Typing Bros sees you attempting to make your way through a randomly generated Super Mario Bros-style Mushroom Kingdom while the keys bindings you use for your movement are constantly changing to random letter on the keyboard!

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Noboru – Download Game

Noboru Game Download

Noboru is a very tough and super fast paced vertical platformer that plays a little like Doodle Jump, but with samurai sword wielding cats!

In Noboru you attempt to jump, double-jump, slash and dash your way as high up … Read More

SYZYGY – Download Game

SYZYGY Game Download

SYZYGY is an entrancing and incredibly tough minimalist rhythm action game in which you time button presses as planets circle a sun.

The gameplay in SYZYGY is very simple, but very challenging, with you attempting to time spacebar presses as … Read More

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