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Paddle Force – Browser Game

Paddle Force is a fast and frantic twist on the classic game of Pong, with you able to use power-ups, move horizontally and rotate your paddle as you attempt to capture territory on the board.

The core gameplay of … Read More

QuakeJS – Browser Game

QuakeJS is a very impressive game that allows you to enjoy the silky smooth run n’ gun arena combat of Quake III in your browser!

Quake III may be over 18 years old, but it still feels like a remarkable … Read More

Lumin – Download Game

Lumin is a beautiful little atmospheric first person puzzle adventure that sees you manipulating light to help you send fallen stars back into the sky.

In Lumin you take on the role of an ethereal being who has the ability … Read More

Mind Ripple – Download Game

Mind Ripple is an eerie little puzzle platforming adventure that sees you travelling into dead monster’s bodies and using telekinetic powers to move objects.

In Mind Ripple your character has a nifty ability to telekinetically move objects in the game … Read More

Still Heroes: Episode 1 – Download Game

Still Heroes is a beautifully drawn interactive comic book about friendship, life and superpowers.

In Still Heroes you follow the story of Emeline, a young woman who dreams of being a superheroine along with her two friends. They regularly meets … Read More

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