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Pangea is a short, world-domination simulation game that places you in control of one of three world leaders as they attempt to bring glory to their respective countries.

Each of the potential heroes in Pangea have a different goal for their homeland, whether it be accumulating resources, increasing the country’s workforce, or hoarding wealth. In order to lead your country to victory, you’ll need to go to your neighbouring countries to trade for goods, money, and labor. As you progress through the three year timeline, the choices you make can turn decidedly sinister. From enslaving an entire nation to relegating a country to famine, your choices will influence the outcome of the world.

The only issue with Pangea is in how linear the path to victory is. Unfortunately, there only seems to be one way to successfully complete your mission (and it inevitably involves some sort of horrific crime). Pangea misses an opportunity to provide players with a real sense of control over the fate of the world. Never the less, the pixel art is simply gorgeous, with each change introduced by your interference reflected in the characters and environment. As time passes, you’ll witness the crumbling of infrastructure and the rise of desperately unhappy people in the countries you manipulate. Pangea’s beautiful and haunting style makes it a game worth exploring, even if the journey is a short one.

Note: In order to play Pangea, you will need to download the latest version of Java if you haven’t already. You can download it here.

Controls: Mouse – Interact

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Pangea Here

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