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PaPaPaddles is a fabulously fun arcade game that fleshes out the age old game of Pong with characters, power-ups, special moves, unique stages and crazy boss fights to create a fully fledged single player-focused game from of the classic 1v1 ball bouncer.

Playable in single player only, the rules of PaPaPaddles will be familiar to anyone who’s played Pong before – hit the ball past your opponent 11 times to win. PaPaPaddles has a whole lot more going on than just that though! You have unlockable characters, each with their own special moves such as ‘Cheese Moon’ or ‘SoySauce attack’. There are also two blocks on each stage, each of which has a random effect when hit, ranging from decreasing the size of your paddle to spawning lots of birds acrodd the arena that the ball can bounce off.

Each stage has unique characteristics, such as being a little bit slippy to being filled with Breakout-style blocks for you to demolish, and each character you do battle with will have some crazy shoot-em-up boss fight-style tricks up their sleeve that they’ll pull out when you get onto the last point of the match.

PaPaPaddles really impresses with its single player focused gameplay, vibrant visuals, quirky humor and ridiculously OTT boss fights. It’s taken the age old game of Pong, added some shoot-em-up elements and added a whole lot of wonderful weirdness to create a fabulous little Pong-em-up that’s well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows Only

Download PaPaPaddles Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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