Paper Brexit – Downloadable Game

Paper Brexit

Paper Brexit is a short interactive narrative in which you play a journalist for a right wing paper who’s coming to grips with a world where Britain has exited from the EU and ‘Drumpf’ has been elected as the president of the USA.

The post Brexit world that Paper Brexit paints is a grim place, filled with intolerance, hardship and President Drumpf soundbytes. You are a journalist who saw what was happening and did nothing to stop it – worse, you even aided it through your reporting. Throughout the games 15 minute playtime you recap what happened, how lies, blame, intolerance, bad decisions and xenophobic scaremongering resulted in Britain’s exit from the EU and (in a very dark twist) how it affected you personally.

Paper Brexit was actually released before the referendum result that will see Britain’s inevitable exit from the EU, but a few of the predictions already seem to be coming true – such as Prime Minister ‘Blammeron’ resigning and ‘Doris Thompson’ taking his place. Hopefully Paper Brexit isn’t a 100% accurate prophecy of things to come though, as it paints a very grim picture of a once great nation. Either way, Britain may just of sealed it’s fate, but take heed America, it’s still not too late for you!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Paper Brexit Here

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