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Paper Drumpf is a satirical narrative adventure from the creator of Paper Brexit, that puts you in the shoes of Daffy Drumpf’s campaign manager during the run up to the US presidential election, with your actions having a real effect on his chances of becoming President.

Paper Drumpf is a satirical narrative and does contain a few funny moments (Drumpf’s wife plagiarising the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for instance), but on the whole it’s a very sombre affair that refrains from painting Trump Drumpf as the clown-like caricature he’s portrayed as in the media, and instead paints him as an intelligent, calculating, and occasionally empathetic human being. Drumpf even carries out some acts of kindness throughout the game, but It’s never quite clear what his motives are and he can often come across as sinister and power hungry. Does he want to serve his country? Or does he want his country to serve him?

In Paper Drumpf your personal story is just as important as Drumpfs presidential campaign, as you deal with your love life and your less than ideal relationship with your father. Drumpf often takes on the mantle of a father figure throughout the game too, and at times he really does seem to care for you, but feelings can change dramatically depending on your decisions throughout the game and wether or not you decide to sabotage his campaign.

There are many (very funny) games that are happy to portray Trump as an idiot and take cheap shots at him, but Paper Drumpf offers a refreshing perspective on the controversial presidential candidate. Over the past year, Donald Trump has gone from a laughable outside chance to someone who now has a 50% chance of becoming the next President of the United States. That surely dissipates a lot of the suggestions that he’s a (total) moron, but it doesn’t make him any less dangerous. To quote the game, he’s “a small man who dreams of being someone big” – are you going to be the one who stands in his way?.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Note: Also has a little info on for those wondering what happened to the journalist from Paper Brexit.

The dev is hoping to release an anthology of stories in a similar vein as Paper Drumpf and Paper Brexit.  Please show your support by voting for it on Greenlight.

Download Paper Drumpf Here

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