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Paper io game is a essentially a massively multiplayer browser based game of Qix, in which you attempt to capture as much of the play area as possible without getting intercepted halfway through a capture.

Much like Qix, is very easy to pick up and play, with you capturing areas of land by encircling them with your trail by and making sure that enemies don’t get a chance to hit you or your trail before you’re safely back on your own territory. The massively multiplayer element makes things a whole lot more interesting however, as it’s much harder to outsmart a real human opponent than Qix’s simple AI. isn’t the first massively multiplayer Qix-like we’ve covered on Free Game Planet (that honor goes to, but it is the most stylish and it’s been optimized very well to run with silky smooth frame rates in your browser. Addictive massively multiplayer territory capturing arcade action well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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