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Paper Mario 3D Land

Paper Mario 3D Land is a fabulous fan made Mario game that blends the action platforming gameplay of the Super Mario 3D Land games with the charming 2.5D visuals of the Paper Mario series and lots of great new features and power-ups!

Paper Mario 3D Land is easily one of the most highly polished fan games we’ve come across. The visuals, audio and (most importantly) gameplay feels very much like an authentic Mario game, and even surpasses some of Nintendo’s efforts at times.

Paper Mario 3D Land doesn’t just play like a reskin a Super Mario 3D Land game either – it adds a lot of new mechanics and power-ups to spice things up a little too. It implements a heath bar and an RPG-style attack system that sees you doing a set amount of damage to enemies per attack (so often you’ll need to bounce on an enemies head a few times to kill them). You can also pick up attack and defense buffs and a whole range of nifty mario suits (many of which are brand new), such as the mole suit or the cloud suit.

Paper Mario 3D Land impresses with its brilliant combination of of two classic Mario game styles and lots fun new ideas. A fantastic game that takes fan games to a whole new level. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse or Keyboard or Controller (Controller Highly Recommended)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Paper Mario 3D Land Here

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