Paperguy – Browser Game

Paperguy game

Paperguy is a charming blend of Paper Boy and incremental clicking in which you run down a street delivering as many papers as possible before you run out of energy and fall on your face.

The gameplay in Paperguy is nice and easy to pick up and play, with your little paper man running down the street and you clicking on the mailboxes at the correct time (when the rotating squares form). You get a cash bonus for every one that’s delivered and you lose energy for every one you miss, all the while your energy is slowly decreasing and your postman is slowing down.

At the end of each day you get your wages from your boss, which you can use (along with your bonus) to purchase upgrades for speed, bonus earned, more mailboxes and speed regeneration. This allows you to go further and earn more with each run.

The cheerful audio and visual design is great in Paperguy and the gameplay is very addictive. The only gripe we have is with the speed regeneration upgrade – once it’s fully upgraded you can run forever as long as you hit most of the post-boxes and all the challenge in the game disappears. Other than that though, Paperguy is a very pleasant experience, well worth checking out for some paper-flinging fun!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser & Android (May Not Work In Safari)

Play Paperguy Here

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