Paperthin – Downloadable Game


Paperthin is a wonderfully atmospheric action platformer with a cool greyscale silhouette-like aesthetic, challenging gameplay and procedurally generated levels.

Your character is equipped with the ability to run, jump, wall jump, attack and dash.  Dashing is the one of the most important mechanics in the game, allowing you to attack harder, travel further and jump higher.  Master the dash and you’ll stand a good chance of survival, but be careful – you can only take five hits and it’s game over (unless you replenish your life by collecting 50 shards).  New enemies are introduced regularly to keep you on your toes, each with their own attack patterns combined with the procedurally generated level design

The cool aesthetic, atmospheric soundtrack, impressive enemy design, agile controls and procedurally generated levels makes Paperthin a joy to play.  A fast, stylish action platformer with ots of replayability.


Control Pad (Recommended) – Analogue Stick –  Movement, RB/LT – Dash,  A- Jump,  X – Attack

Keyboard:  Arrow Keys – Left, Right & Jump,   S- Dash,  A – Attack

Available On: Windows

Download Paperthin Here

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