Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers – Download Game

Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers delivers a very different take on the WWII shooter, as you take control of random soldiers who are thrown into the meat grinder.

There are no objectives, narratives or goals in Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers – you just jump into the well-worn shoes of random infantry soldiers as they do battle in a simulated combat sandbox set in the Eastern Front of WWII. You can watch that carnage unfold, run away or join in the fight, but your actions won’t make any difference in this senseless war and there’s a good chance the only way you’ll leave is in a body bag.

The visuals are fairly basic, but they work well and it’s an interesting experience being thrust into a war situation with no discernable goals. You won’t earn any points or achievement for a head-shot here and the only numbers that increase as you play are body-counts – on all sides of the battle.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Fire, RMB – Aim, C- Crouch, Z – Prone, R – Reload

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers Here

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