Parable of the Polygons – Browser Game

parable of the polygons

Parable of the Polygons is a fun little browser based experiment in which you attempt to balance a society of triangles and squares in a society that’s slightly shapist.

In Parable of the Polygons all of the Squares get along with the Circles and all of the Circles get along with the Squares, but they’re all a little bit shapist, so so you have to make some special accommodations to make them all happy. Your little Polygonians are happiest when they’re in a mixed community, but they always have to have a few of their own kind around them. Surround one Square with only Triangles and it’s shapist urges will kick in and it’ll be very unhappy. And if you have a community that’s only made up of one type of shape then they won’t be upset, but they’ll get bored so won’t be particularly happy either.

It sounds a little complicated, but the developer explains the ins and outs of the mechanics of the gameplay brilliantly on the game page and offers some great insights into the thought processes behind the game. You effectively have to shift around unhappy citizens until you’ve satisfied their shapist urges and made them happy (or at least not unhappy). It’s an intriguing concept, that serves as an allegory for segregation and social behaviours in real life, and you can even experiment with the settings, making the shapes more shapist or altering the Square to Triangle ratio. It’s an intelligently made and thought provoking little game that’s well worth checking out.

Controls:  Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Parable of the Polygons Here

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