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Parsnip is a funny, beautifully animated and oddly unsettling point and click adventure in which a cute cartoon rabbit attempts to gather ingredients for a yummy cake to eat for his breakfast!

Parsnip is a cute little rabbit who lives in a charming cartoon world. It’s a beautifully animated and colorful place, packed with quirky characters to talk too. However, despite its appearance, this isn’t a family friendly cartoon world, there are hints of something darker beneath the surface…

Your little rabbit wants to make a cake for his breakfast (despite it being 4pm) but he only has a bag of sugar. To gather the rest of the ingredients he’ll have to beg, borrow and trade items with his neighbors, some of which aren’t quite as cheery as little Parsnip. There’s also someone who’s moved into the house down the road, maybe they’ll be able to help too!

The puzzles in Parsnip are pretty simple, but the artwork, animation and writing are excellent. It’s a fun little adventure with oddball characters and a dark sense of humor. A quirky cake baking adventure well worth taking a bite out of.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Middle Mouse Button – Inventory

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Parsnip Here

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