Pass Me – Browser Game

Pass Me is a simple and super addictive little physics based browser based game where you attempt to pass a ball as far as possible down a line of people, with the levels getting trickier as you progress.

Pass Me is very easy to pick up and play, with you simply clicking the screen, dragging and releasing (much like in Angry Birds) to throw the ball towards your target. There are two game modes – one which is endless and one which sees you working your way through 60 increasingly challenging levels. In both modes the levels start off fairly simply, but as you progress they get more complicated, with tougher obstacles and gravity flipping mechanics. Miss a single shot and you’re right back to the start again, so you need to be careful!

Some levels contain optional stars to collect, which you can use to unlock new costumes and balls via the main menu. There are also limited time power-ups which can aid you – such as a magnet and an extended trajectory marker which can really help.

It’s a simple game, but very addictive thanks to it’s fast paced gameplay, fun level design and intuitive UI. A playful little game of catch that is really hard to put down.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Pass Me Here

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