Pawperty Damage – Downloadable Game

Pawperty Damage is a fun little sandbox destruction game where massive furries smash up a city.

In the main mode of Pawperty Damage you choose from one of four giant furries and then attempt to do as much damage as possible in a city within five minutes. You can punch, kick, stomp, grab and throw. All of which use up your stamina, which you can replenish by eating vehicles. As you do damage your character gradually grows too, turning you into a towering colossus.

There’s not much in the way of a challenge at the moment (nothing can kill you and the only real objective is to cause as much damage as possible). It could do with different camera options to really emphasise your enormity, and a mode where you’re an average person on the street attempting to avoid the rampaging furries would be a lot of fun. It’s an entertaining game nonetheless and you can play with up to four players for some multiplayer city-smashing action.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows

Download Pawperty Damage Here

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