Pedestrian Simulator 2024 – Downloadable Game

Pedestrian Simulator 2024 is a rather unsettling first person twist on Crossy Road/Frogger, which sees you attempting to cross busy lanes of traffic without being mowed down by a speeding vehicle.

Created by Daniel Linssen (creator of Windowframe and Stereogram, Pedestrian Simulator 2024 is a very intense first person road-crossing simulator. The rules are pretty similar to Crossy Road, with you attempting to cross roads without getting hit. Things start off fairly easily with smaller vehicles and just a few lanes of traffic, but it’s not long until you’re trying to scramble across 6+ lanes of traffic with trains, cars and vans hurtling past.

It appears that there is an ending to Pedestrian Simulator 2024, but you’ll be very lucky to reach it as it’s a tough game. It’s very addictive though so it keeps you coming back for one more try. Switching the classic Crossy Road gameplay to first person makes for a very different and much more stressful experience, especially thanks to the unsettling audio design and the murky smog-filled roads. See how far you can make it!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Pedestrian Simulator 2024 Here

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