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Penance is a fun little fast paced retro styled run n’ gun first person shooter where you are a fallen reptilian warrior tasked with entering Hell to destroy all the sin you see.

Drawing inspiration from Doom/Quake style first person shooters from the 90’s, Penance sees you using a sword and a variety of different guns to blast enemies in increasingly challenging procedurally generated levels of Hell. You take on the role of “The Damned One”, a reprillian Holy Warrior who needs to enter Hell and kill as many demonic monsters as possible to atone for his sins.

The retro FPS gameplay in Penance is fast paced and fun, with a nice selection of classic FPS weapons to blast enemies with and you can even unleash a rage ability that increases your damage for a short period of time. In each procedurally generated level you need to find a key and enter the exit gate, with you earning redemption points for every enemy you slay. Get enough redemption points before you die then you’ll get a small ending cut-scene (don’t expect any long cinematics though).

Penance does have a few issues with balancing, with it either being too hard or too easy early on depending on what guns and ammo you find. Also the music fits well, but gets repetitive and there’s not much variety between each procedurally generated level. The retro aesthetics are excellent though and the old school run n’ gun gameplay is a lot of fun. Well worth checking out for a short blast of retro FPS action.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Lmb – Fire, RMB – Zoom, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse Wheel – Change Weapon, Z – Rage

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Penance Here

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