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Pequod is a fantastic procedurally generated seafaring roguelike that plays like a blend of Ecco The Dolphin and The Binding of Isaac, in which you control mighty whale who must fight against an onslaught of deadly ships commanded by the powerful captain Ahab.

In Pequod you swim around the sea, fighting five different races, comprising over a hundred different types of enemies.  You destroy ships by jumping out of the water and smashing into them, while trying to avoid their various attacks.  These sea craft randomly drop loot when destroyed, especially the gold and silver cargo boats that always harbour some useful items or power-ups.  Once you smash enough boats to fill up your worship-meter, a large boss boat will enter the ocean – destroy this and you’ll get a valuable loot drop and progress to the next level.

What makes Pequod so addictive are the Binding of Isaac-esque stackable power-ups and upgrades which can be gained from loot drops, shops and sacrifice altars.  As well as the RPG-style stat system, which includes Damage, Luck, Speed, Madness and Magic Damage, you can also unlock lots of stackable passive powers, such as spawning saw blades, summoning lighting or growing a large narwhal spear.  Much like The Binding of Isaac, this makes every playthough of Pequod unique and immensely fun.  After one go of this awesome underwater roguelike adventure you’ll be hooked.  Highly recommended.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement (Control Pad Recommended)

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Check out a huge narwhal spear Pequod run here

Download Pequod Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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