Phantom Frame – Downloadable Game

Phantom Frame is a short Vampire Survivors inspired first person horde shooter where you use an upgradeable camera to snap spooky monsters.

Created for the 7DFPS game jam, in Phantom Frame you attempt to fend off hordes of monsters with a camera. Your camera does different damage depending on whether you line up the monsters in the primary and secondary reticle and when you kill them they drop glowing orbs that you can use to unlock upgrades.

It could do with some more upgrades and some balancing (it gets a little easy once you’ve unlocked certain upgrades), but other than that it’s a fun little game with a great retro visual style and a spooky vibe. An addictive bit of monster snapping fun that would be great for expanding on.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Aim Camera/Shoot

Available On: Windows

Download Phantom Frame Here

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