Phantoms of Sand – Downloadable Game

Phantoms of Sand is a tense little PS1 styled horror game where you attempt to gather totems for a ritual while being chased by invisible phantoms whose footprints are the only thing that gives them away.

In Phantoms of Sand you are a traveller who has ended up at an ancient ritual site that’s haunted by phantoms who are cursed to walk the desert forever. A powerful being requires your assistance to gather the totems required to complete a ritual that will lift the curse, but to find them you need to go out into the desert with the phantoms.

The phantoms are invisible and if they catch you then it’s game over, but you can keep an eye on them by observing their footprints and the moans they make. Once you get the hang of it then it’s fairly easy to avoid them, but things can still get tense now and again and there are two endings to find depending on your actions.

It’s a fun little horror game with a great retro visual style, a tense atmosphere and clever use of it’s invisible antagonists. See if you can survive the Phantoms of Sand!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – interact

Available On: Windows

Download Phantoms of Sand Here

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