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Photon Highway is a very cool futuristic tube racer that balances risk with reward as you weave your way through it’s stylish procedurally generated raceways.

In Photon Highway your aim is to make it through 10 distinct areas along hazard-filled procedurally generated tubular racetracks. You can accelerate, decelerate and move left and right around the tracks. Hitting an obstacle usually means instant death, unless you’ve earned any extra lives.

It’s a very tough game, but with each new area you reach (bar the second one) you’ll unlock a new vehicle that may give you a better chance of survival. You can earn more points by driving close to obstacles and you can earn extra lives by accelerating to go as fast as possible for long periods of time – charging up a life bar in the process, but also increasing your chances of a collision.

You’ll need some fast reflexes to make it far along the Photon Highway, especially as it’s always tempting to put yourself in more danger in pursuit of points and lives (which more often than not ends with you colliding with an obstacle). It’s a stylish, super fast paced, addictive and challenging game, well worth checking out for some high adrenaline tricky tube racing action!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Speed Up & Slow Down, R- Restart, Spacebar – Select

Available On: Windows & Mac

Tip: Pay attention to the dotted line that extends out in front of you – that’s your current trajectory.

Download Photon Highway Here

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