Pico World Race – Browser Game

Pico World Race is a fun little PICO-8 powered OutRun-esque retro racing game where you drive a supercar in races around the world.

Created within the 8-bit restrictions of the PICO-8 virtual console, Pico World Race is a retro racing game that channels the gameplay of Sega’s Super Scaler classics. The game features 60fps gameplay and eight uniquely themed tracks in different locations around the world. As well as attempting to come first in them, they also contain tokens to collect which unlock the later tracks.

It’s a great little game that does a lot within the confines of the PICO-8 engine and does a good job of recreating the vibe of Sega’s racing classics (even down to you being able to drift around corners). The only thing it’s really missing is a catchy retro soundtrack, but at least you can listen to the engine purr and the tyres squealing!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Accelerate, X – Drift

Available On: Browser

Play Pico World Race Here

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