Piece by Piece – Downloadable Game

Piece by Piece is an addictive build ‘em up shoot ‘em up where you add modules to your ship as you play, while being bombarded by enemies from al directions.

You start Piece by Piece with a small donut-shaped spaceship and a single gunwhich you use to blast the enemies that attempt to collide with you. The more enemies you blast, the more cash you earn, which can then be used to add new parts to your ship. This can include structural sections that increase your size but allow for more building points, or smaller modules that can increase its size, firepower, agility, revenue, missile regeneration and health regeneration.

It’s a simple, but addictive game that allows you to make all manner of weird and wonderful looking ships as you fight for your survival. There’s a good risk/reward factor to expanding your ship, as although it does allow you to add more modules, it also makes you less manoeuvrable and a larger target. Finding the perfect balance is the key!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim

Available On: Windows

Download Piece by Piece Here

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