Pilgrimage – Download Game

Pilgrimage is a beautiful audio visual experinece where you guide three figures on a pilgrimage through digital fantasy landscapes while listening to tracks from Panorma, the new album from La Dispute.

The gameplay in Pilgrimage is limited to just gently guiding three figures around the various digital landscapes by shifting the mouse. It’s is essentially an interactive music video where each new song transports you to a new scene for you to wander around. The digital fantasy artwork is superb in each scene and your three little figures cause can cause objects to react in different was as they get close to them.

Whether you fully enjoy the experience will most likeley depend on whetehr you like La Dispute’s post-hardcore experimental rock, but if you do then it makes for a fantastic interactive audio visual experience. A beautiful and mesmerising evolution of the traditional music video.

Controls: Mouse – Look/Move

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Pilgrimage Here from

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