Pinball Garden – Downloadable Game

Pinball Garden is a delightful little pinball adventure where you fight your way through an interconnected network of gardens and fill them with luscious green grass.

Playing a little like a more condensed and chilled out version for Yoku’s Island Express, Pinball Garden sees you playing pinball through a series of interconnected gardens. You control the flippers with the left and right arrow keys, but you can also blow the ball left and right, giving you a little more control of the direction the ball goes in. Your goal in each garden is to fill them with grass, but to do so you’ll need to beat any enemies that are in them first.

It’s not particularly challenging, but it’s a wonderful little game with charming pixel art visuals and a chilled out atmosphere. Filling each garden with grass is very satisfying and there’s a nice selection of enemies to deal with along the way (the little pink caterpillars are a particular highlight!)

Controls: A/D – Blow Ball, Arrow Keys – Flippers

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Pinball Garden Here

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