Pinocchiogoria – Downloadable Game

Pinocchiogoria is a dark and twisted reimagining of the classic Pinocchio tale, where Pinnochio is a murderous psycho and Gepetto is a terrible father.

Created by A V Doshow (creator of A House For Alesa), Pinocchiogoria is an RPG Maker horror game that tells a very different take on the classic Pinocchio story. In the game Gepetto’s wife was pregnant with twins – Pinnochio and Mia. Unfortunately Pinnochio and his mother died during childbirth and Gepetto has blamed Mia for it all her life. He may have figured out a way to bring them back from the dead though…

It does have a few minor frustrations, but it’s an excellent little horror adventure with some very impressive pind art animation and a story that takes some very dark twists. That little wooden boy has never been so freaky!

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows and Mac

Download Pinocchiogoria Here

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