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Pipe game

Pipe is a beautifully animated, secret-filled puzzle adventure in which you control a pipe that becomes sentient and attempts to escape a research facility.

It seems some scientists have created you in a lab – a sentient, slightly hard to control flying pipe. Your escape requires skillful flying, experimentation and paying careful attention to your surroundings (particularly bushes which hide passageways).

Taking around 10 minutes to (fully) complete, the joy in Pipe is in the the discovery of what your humble little flying pipe can do, how it can interact with objects and unearthing the game’s many hidden secrets. It’s great fun exploring the game world with this unlikely protagonist and it also lends itself to speed runs which will really test your mastery of your pipe flying!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z/X – Fly

Available On:  Windows

Full Playthrough Video: Here

Note: It is possible to complete Pipe in just a couple of minutes, but unless you search for the hidden objects, you’ll be missing most of the game!

Download Pipe Here (Windows)

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