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piq is a rage-inducingly tough precision platformer that trolls you as you play with lots of hidden traps that you have to memorise the locations of.

In piq you have three lives to guide your little square avatar through 20 stylish, but simple looking levels. Your little square is pretty agile and has the ability to triple-jump, but the problem is the levels only LOOK simple – they’re full of hidden traps and nasty surprises that will cause a premature death. There are also secret exits on each level that will take you to an even harder set of levels if you think you can handle it.

piq is clearly aimed at gamers with a particular type of temperament but it’s a fun little game once you get to grips with it. Three lives seems a little on the stingy side, as often you’ll die that many times trying to figure out a new level but the fact that you can’t trust anything to be safe does add a nice amount of peril to every single jump. An equally fun and infuriating little rage quit platformer.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download piq Here

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