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Pit of Arcade 1

Pit of Arcade is a fun vertical shooter in which you must jetpack up a pit filled with a variety of hazards from classic arcade games – from Pac Man to Duck Hunt.

After choosing from a selection of cute playable characters you don a jetpack and blaster and start your ascent.  The hazards all behave as they would in the classic arcade games they were originally in – among others, frogs jump from Frogger logs, Duck Hunt ducks fly around screen at angles,  Pac-Man ghosts chase you, Space Invaders attack in formations, Asteroids break up into smaller Asteroids, Bullet Bills fly down the screen and Pong bats bounce deadly balls back and forth.

It’s great seeing all these classic games working together in unison, and the gameplay is fast, fun and highly addictive.  If you have any interest in classic arcade gaming it’s well worth falling into the Pit of Arcade.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Aim,  LMB Fire,  R – Restart

Available On:  Windows & Browser

Download or Play Pit Of Arcade Here

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