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Pit of Babel is a beautifully grotesque narrative-driven physics-based puzzler where you grind little fleshy meat monsters to create Tetris pieces that you can use to build a Tower of Babel!

Created by Scottie Supple (creator of The Third Shift) and Maceo bob Mair (creator of Perfect Vermin and Swallow the Sea), Pit of Babel is a very unique twist on the classic game of Tetris that tells the story of two souls in search of a miracle. Your aim is to construct a mighty Tower of Babel that will reach into the heavens, but to do so you’ll have to grind flesh into stone and hope your building skills are up to scratch!

In the game you farm little red fleshy beasts (that look like a cross between a bloody magot and a sheep) and grab them and hurl them into a meat grinder. For each beast you throw in, the grinder spits out a tetromino which you can build to construct your tower.

The tetrominoes are all the traditional Tetris shapes, but your goal isn’t to make them disappear – it’s to build your Tower of Babel up into the heavens. As your tower grows higher new gameplay elements are introduced and you learn more of the story of the two mysterious strangers and the power this mystical place holds.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a very creative and addictive fusion of Tetris, physics-based tower building and monster farming. The pixel art animation and audio are excellent, but it’s perhaps the story that will stick with you for the longest – it’s very well written and it deals with some pretty mind-blowing concepts. It’s certainly worth sacrificing all those cute little flesh monsters for anyway!

Controls: WASD – Move Camera, LMB – Grab Monster, RMB – Rotate Block

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download The Pit of Babel Here

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