Pixel Quiz – Browser Game

Pixel Quiz is a fun little quiz game where you attempt to guess the titles of various well known movies from a single pixel art image.

In each question of Pixel Quiz you are given a single pixel art image that shows you a scene or characters from a well known movie. You then simply have to figure out what that movie is and type it in the box below. The pixel artwork is excellent, so there’s a good chance you’ll figure out the movie instantly, but if you fail a few times you’ll get the option to ask for a hint to help you.

There are 30 movies to guess in the browser based version of Pixel Quiz (and a lot more if you decide to get the app on iOS or Android). It’s a lot of fun figuring out what each movie is and thankfully the game is pretty lenient with the answers you type, often allowing you to make spelling mistakes or leave out some of the words in the title. A fun little five minute movie quiz well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Browser, iOS and Android

Play Pixel Quiz Here

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  1. Hey! This is my game! Thanks for enjoying it! There’s also a Video Games category version on the website linked at the page bottom for those interested, but as mentioned there’s almost 2000 puzzles in the free app!


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