Pixelscape – Browser Game

Pixelscape Game

Pixelscape is an interesting massively multiplayer experimental art game in which players from all around the world can collaborate to create 3D voxel based artwork (or just rude drawings and graffiti).

Pixelscape is essentially a room-sized 3D virtual canvas that contributors can log in to and instantly leave their mark on. The whole thing works smoothly but there is a short cooldown between block placements (the timer can be seen in the top right of the screen). This delay can be annoying as it can take you ages to create your works of art, but it’s an understandable design choice to prevent spam clicking from breaking the game.

It’s an interesting playtoy that’s well worth checking out for some massively multiplayer collaborative art – just be warned it’ll take a LONG time to create anything that looks any good!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard (Click Top Right Corner for Summary)

Available On: All Browsers (Chrome Recommended)

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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