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Plangman is a fabulous blend of puzzle platforming and hangman that is actually a space opera in which you unlock memories, save the suture and rescue the girl you love.

To complete each level in Plangman you just have to guess the word at the top of the screen (much like hangman).  To select a letter you simply stand on top of it and press the spacebar.  If you guess the correct letter the screen will zoom out a little and the letter will appear in the appropriate blank space at the top of the screen.  Guess wrongly however, then the screen will zoom in a little and the block that you’re standing on will drop (along with you if you’re still standing on top of it.)

Each level also has a clue which will give you a hint to the word you’re trying to guess, and as you progress Plangman introduces new game mechanics so the gameplay never gets old.  Each time you complete a level you’ll be rewarded with another one of your lost memories – another piece in a well written love story which draws you in and fleshes out the minimalistic world of Plangman.

Plangman is platforming hangman, but it’s also much more than that.  A well crafted puzzle adventure with innovative gameplay and plenty of heart.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Select Letter

Available On:  Win, Mac & Unity Supported Browsers (Not Chrome)

Play or Download Plangman Here

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