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Plant Pit

Plant Pit is a fun little gardening based puzzler in which you grow plants, collect their seeds and combine them with each other to create other plants as you try and figure a way to get out of the big pit you’ve fallen into.

In Plant Pit you start off with a couple of seeds, some fertile ground and a floating box you can throw fruit through to harvest their seeds. Your aim is to grow plants, collect their fruit and combine them with other fruit as you attempt to create hybrids with unique properties that may aid your escape from the pit. Some fruit can have some very useful attributes such as speeding you up, allowing you to jump higher or even altering gravity.

Growing your little garden in Plant Pit is a pretty addictive and relaxing experience. It’s a joy experimenting with the various fruits to see what useful attributes they have and what other fruits they can be combined with, and it’s nice watching as the plants grow before your eyes. A great little plant based puzzler that will grow on you!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, C – Pick Up Item, X – Use Item

Available On: Windows Only

Note: To gets seeds you need to throw the fruit through the floating box (see GIF above)

Download Plant Pit Here

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