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Platformanina game

Platformania is a fun Mario Maker-esque browser based game in which you can easily build, play and share pixel art platforming levels online!

Much like Mario Maker, Platformania wraps a simple, easily accessible user interface around a wide selection of level creation tools, that allow creators to build pretty buch whatever they desire (as long as it’s a 2D platformer). There’s a nice selection of tile sets, collectibles, backgrounds, intractable objects and enemies for you to play around with, allowing you to whip up good looking level in just a few minutes.

Once a level is created you can instantly play it or add it to the database for others to play. The platforming may not quite match the finesse of a Mario game, but it’s still very impressive, especially if you stumble across a particularly good level (or create your own masterpiece), and it’s remarkable that the whole thing is played entirely within a browser with no need do download anything.

Controls: Mouse – Create Levels, Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Ctrl – Shoot

Available On: All Browsers

Note: To Play a Level Just Click on its Thumbnail

Play Platformania Here

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  1. Great fun, making your own levels!

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