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The Good The Bad and The Accountant game

The Good, The Bad and The Accountant is a browser based management game in which you must balance ethics with corruption as you attempt to to get things done during your time in office while avoiding being sacked or thrown in jail.

In The Good, The Bad and The Accountant you take on the role of the general manager of a large city and must make important decisions regarding appropriation of the city’s funds. On your first playthrough you’ll most likely want to play as a good law abiding official, but you won’t last long as your industrial and political peers will reject you. Similarly, you won’t last long if you go totally corrupt as there’s always a chance you’ll get caught in the act. To survive in this game, as in real life, you’ll need to pick your fights and exercise on the side of caution when possible.

Every example of bribery and corruption in this game is based on real life events. Sadly these days it’s pretty much a given that politicians and government officials are corrupt, but The Good, The Bad and The Accountant gives a little insight into the many forms of corruption in the system and how hard it can be to fight fight them. A thought provoking little political game well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All browsers

Play The Good, The Bad and The Accountant Here

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