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Player Rush

Player Rush is a fun little pixel art combat game that puts you in control of the final boss in a RAID dungeon, battling hordes of adventurers who are looking to slay you and steal your loot.

Created in just 72 hours for Ludlum Dare, the gameplay is fairly simple (just battle the swarming MMO players for as long as possible until your inevitable doom), but it’s a fun game with some great little touches that really gives you a whole new appreciation for RAID bosses.  The adventurers that swarm and attack you come in various different forms, such as tank-like knights and pesky healers, all with their own unique usernames displayed above their heads – including one Mr Leeroy Jenkins!

We’d love to see Player Rush expanded on as the gorgeous pixel art visuals and unique twist on RAID dungeon gameplay make for an entertaining experience.  It’s not easy being a final boss!

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Attack

Available On:  Win, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Player Rush Here

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